Hello Everyone;

I was using my Toshiba Netbook lately & ended up having an NTLDR is missing error. I googled this & understood that it's my own fault causes this error.

  1. I've got my netbook 2 recovery disks with me.
  2. I've 8GB pen drive (no usb DVD rom)

WIth these I need to create a bootable flash driver. but the problem is I've 2 recovery disks. which makes it impossible to create a single iso file.

How to get these two image files together as one & create a bootable flash drive ?

Get imgburn. It's free. Build a recovery set of files from your two discs, then use Imgburn to create an image [an .iso file] from them on your hdd [Create image file from files/folders]. Default settings should work; extract boot files from one of the recovery discs. Creating a bootable image is not straightforward, is not a one-click operation, but the Imgburn helpfiles should steer you through it. There is no need to burn a cd, so no cost as you learn.
Get Unetbootin. It's free. Use that to load the iso onto your UFD.