I've been using Windows update for many years without a glitch but for the past two weeks for some reason it won't give me my updates. When I go to Windows update, click on custom it starts scanning my computer for updates in the usual way. I can see my modem working and HDD activity as it always does when scanning, then modem stops and the bars on Windows update page keeps scanning but never shows updates that are available. It will scan forever but won't show my updates. I'm still using Win XP and IE6. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone ??

Just wanted to add that I use Firefox all the time and only use IE for my updates.

Try upgrading IE and use Microsoft Update instead of WindowsUpdate.

Something must have happened that broke some component.

While lookin around the internet I found this for repairing IE6 specifically: Start / run, type in sfc / scannow. It will do a scan and ask you to insert your Windows disc. Anyone tried this before I do it lol ?

sfc can be used to repair system files. I havent used it specifically for IE but have on other occasions. It wont make things worse if that is what you are concerned about.

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