We have just converted workstations from xp to Win7. Users get network shares via batch scipt login scripte (ie: logon1.bat). Below is the login script.
@Echo off
@Net USE /persistent:no
@Net Use * /Delete /Y

@net use H: "\\abc-san\Users\%USERNAME%"
@net use P: "\\abc-san\Shared\Public"
@net use S: "\\abc-san\Shared"
@net use L: "\\abc-san\abc2\ABC\CONFIDENTIAL"
@net use N: "\\abc-san\abc2\ABC\FISCAL ADMINISTRATION"
@net use U: "\\abc-san\abc2\ABC"

cscript \\abc-san\shared\Public\Notices\Login\Update.vbs
Call p:\notices\advisory\advisory.bat

Only a select set of users get the L: and N: drive mappings. In XP if a user was not a member of the "ABC-Confidential" group or "ABC-Fiscal" group the login script would continue to run and just bypass trying to map a drive. In Windows 7 we have found that the login script will hang on mapping drive L: if the user is not a member of "ABC-Confidential" and on drive N: if the user is not a member of "ABC-Fiscal". Is therre a setting in Windows 7 to ignore this and just continue mapping the drives?

I would appreciate any assistance as we are currently at a loss. The person who created these scripts is long gone.

Attempts to Fix:

Installed the Win7 admin pack
Uninstalled/reinstalled all hardware drivers
Verified Active Directory DNS settings (Vista works relatively well on the same network)
Reset all TCP/IP settings on all adapters using the netsh commands to do so
Disabled ipv6 on all adapters
Disable wifi adapter while on work network
Locked the network card to 100/Full, 1000/Full; also tried Auto
Added various important addresses to hosts file (exchange, dns, ad) -- removed when didn't help
My background is a jpeg (sounds unrelated but there is apparently a win7 login bug related to solid color background)
More I have forgotten