I have a Windows XP Installation iso and need to install it from a Flash Drive onto an old PC that I'm giving to my wife's grandmother. I tried a few programs to make the flash drive bootable, but I have yet to find one that will accept an iso file as a source. Any suggestions?

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Well the Iso file needs to be burned as an image on the usb. Here is a good site that should help : http://www.isotousb.com/ .

On second note, you may need to enable usb bootable devices in the bios, and older computers may not have the option.


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Get Linux on the PC instead? At times i find linux alot easier to use rather than Xp and is alot more secure. but might just be personal preffrence, but i guess when you think about it Xp might be way easier to use for a older lady.
And the only tip i have to offer for the usb problem is go into your bios and set it to boot from usb instead of cd-drive or HDD(no clue what your using at the moment but change it to usb).
Would perhaps just be easier to burn a CD with xp instead of using a usb if your having tons of problems with installing it from a usb.

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