I need to connect to Telnet server for my university studies at the University of Birmingham but everytime I try to connect I get : "could not connect to the host on port 23". What can I do ? I know there have been other replies about a similar topic but I have no experience of ports or "pinging", so please give me step-by-step instructions if you reply :).

Thanks in advance

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The first thing you need to check is whether or not your university allows you to make connections on telnet from outside their network.

Do you have a document from them that gives you information about this? Are you connecting to the correct IP address or hostname?


Yes I have details of the server I need to connect to - it is a database of language that we have been given access to. I have a log name and password but havent been able to get that far !


I have a log name and password but havent been able to get that fa

If you are connecting to the correct hostname or IP and you are getting that message...it means one of two things..

1) the telnet service is actually down or not responding
2) there is a firewall or other filtering service in between not letting your packets through.

You should contact the University's support to report the issue and see what they tell you to do.


Have you tried using ssh to connect? Most servers like the one you are trying to connect with will use ssh instead of telnet these days.


Okay Ive downloaded Putty - how do I work it ?

  • Ive typed the server I need to connect to in the "Host" area and then selected SSH and pressed "open" - I also did the same with Telnet.

Both times I cannot connect.


You're doing it correctly. What error are you getting? If the connection is timing out then you need to speak to the university's support team.

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