i have make a site with php html and css.how can h se it in the interner?

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find a good web host, there are free ones you can use or commercial ones that costs per month (depends on your needs)
then just upload your site to your Host


Hosting on Your Own Computer (Windows)
Make sure that your plan with your ISP permits you to host a website
see in link above section on hosting on you computer, good for checking how your page acts and looks ,may have some draw backs for long term hosting im sure ,good luck

With domain names and hosting so cheap these days, I also would recommend that you set up your site with a hosting provider. These hosting companies have already invested into their networks, server infrasructure, etc...

i think

You will need to find a hosting provider in order to make your site available over the internet. Depending on the level of traffic and other needs for your site you will want to consider most likely a shared or a VPS plan. Once you set up a hosting account you up load your site via FTP to your hosting provider's servers. You will need a domain and you will need to point the DNS to your host. Intially it seems complicated but it gets easier after the first time you do it. Choose a reliable hosting company with a good reputation and they will be happy to assist you with your setup.

I would suggest having a VPS. Because you can manage alot more with VPS rather than hosting. Hosting is expensive, whereas if you have VPS you can host several websites along with mail server. If you are good in networking, the advantages are countless.

If you dont want to go with VPS, then hosting is your only option. Godaddy use to do hosting for free if you buy a domain name. But I think they have stopped that offer.

You need to host your website to see it in internet.

Shared hosting is preferrable for a starter. Check out 9cubehosting.com. They provide best services at affordable prices. Just spend 2.63$/month and get unlimited disk space and bandwidth.They also provide Daily backups, Service up-time guarantee,One-Hour Ticket/E-mail Response Guarantee Included.

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