Hi guys,

I bought a couple of applications from the web. A couple of games and a programme that recorded what I listened to on my PC (SoundTap).
My PC then was replaced, some companies just give you a new unlock code but some don't.
Is there a way to back it up to transfer it, or is it designed to be non-moveable?
As an example, SoundTap want another $20 as they say my version was 6 months old and not now current so they wish to charge for an upgrade.
I'm not slagging any company off just want to know how to move MY stuff around.
Thank you.

This kind of garbage should be banned.

Don't buy software with such protection.

S'pose they do it to prevent piracy, but it's like buying a chair and they won't let you take it to your new house when you move.
you'll see later in another thread, i'm having prolonged problems with a PC so i'm wary of loading such stuff 'til I know it's going to work for more than a few day.

Unless you saved the installers that you originally installed the programs with and the codes to unlock them, it will be VERY difficult if not impossible to transfer the software from one computer to the next.

Now that I know, it's not so bad. Thought it was just me being a buffoon.
thanks for that

Theres a program called laplink PC mover. I've used it a couple times with good luck. It will move your programs and settings from one PC to another. It's not free, so it's probably not worth the trouble unless you have a lot of software, or an expensive program, but it's a good program to know about.

Be careful using it on a computer with malware infection, you might move the programs you don't want.

Alot of programs HAVE KEYS IN THE REGISTRY,if you copy all them to the NEW MACHENE,it should work...... (Along with all files for the program)

Good luck!