My OS is windows 7. When I connect my internet dongle to the computer is it updating something. (Without opening any browser it is increasing amount of data received.) I unchecked all programes except system32 using MSCONFIG --> startup. But Still has the problem. So how to see which programe is updating???

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It could be a number of programs that are updating, and they may not be affected by anything you do with msconfig. For example, there is Windows Update, your Antivirus, Antispyware, email client, (Outlook?) along with a number of other services. For these sorts of programs it would be easier to go into their individual settings and tell them when you want them to update.

Your best option would be to turn off your means for connecting to the Internet. If you could tell use what sort of computer you have and the method your computer uses to connect, we would be happy to help further.

But for some indication as to what is ticking away in the background do the following:

Right-click Taskbar > Task Manager > Performance Tab > Resource Monitor (button) > Network Tab

You should see what is currently active on your network - but only what is active at this moment in time. I wouldn't view msconfig as a first step solution to what you may find there.

Also, your Windows Computer will need regular housework with the help of Malwarebytes and Superantispyware.

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i just check with resource monitor. it has some process named "svhost.exe (netsvcs)". it cannot kill the process. actually I would like to know is there any software for detecting this sort of things...


Hmm... bit of a minefield searching the 'net for Internet resource monitors. It would be better if someone that uses that kinda thing dropped a recommendation here.

Have a look at this: NetGuard


Actually It is acrobat reader. I Just allowed to install the update. (After finishing update, it is appered the programe name in my task bar) How ever thanks for the reply BigPaw. I will try NetGuard Software.... Thanks again....

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