Hi All,

I have to implement CA Etrust Audit Software Implementation in a network environment and network consists many PDC (located in different domains).

I have installed the software in the testing environment and now looking the configuration which i have to do at hosts (domain clients).

Do anyone knows in details about the working architecture and audit log storage too.

I have the admin docs and guide with me which i have downloaded from CA web.

I want to know the things in details......no roamings plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[img]http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/techtalk-images/smilies/fiyellow/icon_lol.gif[/img]

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Do not take tension... Right now the goal is to resolve the issue...Do you know the answer to my posting?


Thanx ...But i have already checked this link and looking to hear from someone who has implemented the Etrust Audit............. in the live environment......

Again! thanx to u.

I did not take tension ,it was a joke !:)hahahahaha.
Anyway ,I did a search and found you a FAQ page that might shed some light on you problem .

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