I was wondering how much I could hear between 20Hz-20KHz.
I started Audacity and turned on generation.
So I can check about which frequencies I could hear.
I came out on around 22KHz, which is impossible.
Is there possbility to check is soundcard is making jokes? Cause either way, I had dog in my family.

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Untill i know:
Infra sound Frequency: less than 20Hz
Audible sound (which we human can hear): 20Hz to 20Khz
and then last is:
Ultrasound: greater than 20Khz. (We are unable to hear this sound.)

Ultrasound (22Khz) : they are highly directinal beam, and travel long distance. wavelength small, penetrating power high, and speed of propogation also increases with incresing frequency.
So they are used underwater, Medical Diagnostic, Marine application, NDT etc....

You can get more knowledge on this via google:
try to search as: Architectural Acoustic and Ultrasound

i.e. the reason 22Khz is not available...

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There are some that can hear over 20,000 cycles. If you wa nt to Check you hearing, to to a hearing specialist. Most local Large size Universities if there is one in your area, do have Music Kabs and they can run some tests, to see what your hearing threshold is.

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I wasn't posting this topic with "problem" I hear strange noises from my computer.

I want just to check if my headphones/speakers are really playing correct sounds that are really commanded to.

@edit - Both answers concentrated on explaination of infra- ultra-/sonic sound and how can I check my hearing. I want just check my soundcard.

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Hi, Rik. So I got a simple audio sinewave generator off the web... and my on-mobo soundchip {realtek] gave up at about 12KHz. It ran up to 11600, but 12000 gave too much of a background rushing sound, not just a clear tone. Viewing it on a realtime analyser [shareware trial] showed the background.
Which is probably okay, because my pc is not a core part of my sound sys, and my pc earphones are def not hifi.
You got a clear tone of 22KHz from your card? Gee. And you could hear that? GEE. My ears run out at about 12KHz.... I may need to place my ossicles on a diet.

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