Originally I had my laptop set up to automatically log on to the router. After we moved,we lost our security key, but our laptops still connected. Recently, my sister got a laptop and cant use it here until we get the security key. So I went and got my default IP or whatever that default thing you have to get that you put past http:// and went into my settings but wasnt able to find it, but I hadnt searched all the way through. But I did find the ability to change my router name, which is what Ive been wanting to do so I did. What I DIDNT know was that it was going to log ME off when I did. I cant even plug my computer into the router, it wont get any internet... So, I have it plugged into my Comcast cable box. (By the way - this router ISNT from Comcast, we bought it on our own before we ever got comcast and before we moved) So I cant even get into my router, when I use the same url I used to get into my router last time it just tells me the page that cant be found. Also, I dont think I can reset the router because I have windows 7 and last time I tried using the router's CD on my computer it was saying it cant work on my computer. Last time I had to use the CD to set it up, I had to use my fiancees mother's 7 year old desktop which isnt an option anymore. The only computers I have ARE windows 7.

What do I do? D:

on thew underside of the netgear ,router you should find a small reset button,using a paper clip ,hold it for about 20 seconds or so ,let go and it should reset router