I have a D-Link router which is connected to my internet router via a Powerline adapter (PLA).
Both my internet router and my D-Link router is running Wi-fi (D-Link 802.11n and my internet router 802.11b).

I have a PC with Windows 8 Pro connected to the D-Link router. But unfortunately the PLA-adapter does loses connection now and then, and so I'm wondering if there is some way to set up a wireless adapter on my Windows PC, configure it to connect to the internet router, and make it so that when the PLA-connection breaks down the wireless connection seamlessly takes over the connection.

There are no built-in solutions for this in Windows 8 (as it is for Linux), but maybe someone have a solution ?

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In Windows, you are able to connect to more than one SSID. You can have your computer configured to connect to both SSIDs automatically. the DLINK Wifi can be set with a higher priority so when you are in range of both wifi networks, you connect to the dlink first, if that is unavailable, your computer should connect to the next SSID without further intervention.

Now, you mentioned that the PLA adapter goes down. if the Dlink wifi is still online, your computer isnt going to try to reconnect to another wifi network since the dlink wifi is still avaiable even though somewhere down the link, the network is unavailable. In this scenario, you would need something running on your PC that is routinely checking some remote system, and if its unavailble, run some sort of script to disconnect from from SSID and connect to another. I'm not aware of any software out there that does that, but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Maybe other members on this site may have had a similar experience and would share some other ideas.

I have a wired connection from my Windows PC to the D-Link router.
When the PLA adapter goes down I loose the connection to internet via the D-Link router. I was wondering if there was some software which could help me detect this loss of connectivity, and then automatically reroute my internet traffic through the WiFi-connection directly to the internet router. So simple, yet so difficult... ;)

(I'm not connecting my Windows PC to the D-Link router via WiFi, but other devices does. e.g. my Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone... ).

Ok, Yes I understand now. Regardless of the medium (wifi/wireless), you are looking for a solution where Windows will connect to the wifi network on the internet router) if you no longer have connectivity via the dlink network.

What you really need is some piece of client software to monitor your connections, then switch adapters when a problem occurs.

Another issue is that both connections have IP-addresses which belong to the same subnet..

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