I am trying to get my parents on the internet using dsl. But I am missing the "ethernet driver?" I can't find the cd anywhere to put it on there computer. Is there a place where I can download the drivers? Free would be nice.

any help would be appreciated thank you

what brand of network card you are using? if you know the chip number you can find it easily..try searching the web but be careful in downloading ..

If it is an onboard network card the driver will automaticly load from the system files.

Try removing the Network adapter in device manager and restarting your system if it is onboard.


how can I find what kind of card and
HOw do I know if it is onboard
I am pretty new to computers so if you could take it step by step that would be great

Ok sure David try this :-)

Sometimes you can find out by how the Bezel looks. The bezel is a metal piece. Do you see any way of taking off the network card?

Another way you can tell if it is onboard is in the BIOS. Every manufacture has a different way of entering the BIOS. You usually see what key to hold when the computer starts up.

It will say somthing like: Hold F1 to enter Setup. In the menus offered in BIOS it will have a section for On Board NIC it will show if it is Enabled or Disabled.

Let me know if I can answer any questions.

However before I make you go through some steps that you really might not need to do and waste your time try this:

Start your computer

Tap F8 until you receive a menu.
Choose SAFE MODE WITHOUT NETWORKING. (you do not need networking files getting in the way right now)
Once in windows go to Start, Control panel, Systems and Device manager.
Look for Conflicts - They will have an exclimation mark or listed as other devices or Unknown. Let me know if you have any of these.

Next check for duplicate Network adapters by clicking on the plus sign next to the catagory.
Right click and remove everything under this catagory.

Restart your system normaly.

You will notice a balloon stating "found new hardware". Don't touch anything just let it install. May take about five minutes.
Once installed. Restart again.
Then try to log on

Hope that helps. Let me know if it doesn't

Rue B

Easy way to know if it's on board or not, try to open the casing of your computer check where the LAN cable is connected if the cable is connected to a card to one of the slot on your motherboard, then it is not on board, Rue B is right, check if there's any conflict on your driver, right click on my computer then go to properties the Window Device Manager window will open check if you can see a Question Mark on Network Adapter.. reply if there's a conflict on your adapter..