"Error 720" Error Message When i Try to Establish a Dial-Up Connection to the Internet.
i m using window 8...plz help me\

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I think this problem may be caused by the protocol used or problem with the ports used by the protocol.

On a rare case it may also be caused by the network adapter. i.e, either a WAN or an RJ-45(ethernet).

try to re-install these drivers.



Hope this will help you my friend.

**i try to reinstall these driver but its not working ............i tried to system restore from restore checkpoint.now dialup is working fine.but after some time system restart automatic.....
sorry for my bad english....**

If thats the case, May be some other programs are blocking certain modules of TCP/IP. Check any other services is using it. If yes, Stop that service and try again.

ya....thats right...antivirus is blocking tcp\ip ....and thanx for helping

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