ok... I've hated ChkDsk before for corrupting files, but this is the worst it's ever done:
^I SHOULD have around 300GB in files

how do I get rid of this monstrosity and prevent it from ever corrupting my files again??

I had to wait 3 days for this thing to forcably scan and break my RAW HDD!
(the Esc button did nothing until it wanted to scan my C drive afterwards)
sure it repaired the NTFS formatting on it at the very least,
but this is just plain rediculous... a down-right atrocity!

I hate ChkDsk now more than ever, and I want it gone!
but how?? :/

here's an example of how it used to corrupt my files:

these are files I've been trying to save from other various RAW occurences for years,
but apparently you can't freely insert your SATA HDD into another compy like you can IDE HDDs.
(I was trying to make an image of my 80GB IDE HDD to repair my other compy,
but my main compy only supports SATA, as designed by idiots)

luckilly I can get a good 90% of my data back, but now it's gonna take possibly years to get everything >_<

I want to design my own file system that doesn't go RAW or need advanced techniques to recover data >_<
I'm sick of swimming in RAW HDDs and losing all my data

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What version of Windows are you using?

XP Pro x64 SP2

You can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. When the Task Manager pops out just press end task.

not at the screen before the welcome screen...
but how do I remove it entirely to prevent it from even starting??

well... that disables it...
but it already force-checked my C drive.
(USB KBd doesn't activate in time to stop the first check)

I wish this MBd had PS/2 support T_T

I want to remove it entirely, since the registry is ever-changing
is there any way??

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