Can anybody help me with this problem?
Yesterday I downloaded and ran Advanced System Care Free as I suspected my computer was infected with malware.
It came up with a staggering 9800-odd problems, which it then fixed for me.
Next time I booted up, I could not get onto the internet (I use a LAN) nor could my Outlook Express get online to check my email.
So I went to the Restore part of ASCF and undid the repairs.
Booted up again and great! I could go online with Firefox, and also check my emails.....BUT my desktop wallpaper photo disappeared, and when I went to Control Panel to fix that, I found that the control panel window had gone all weird on me- instead of a window with the icons all lined up, I got a tiny section at the bottom of the window with a slider bar at the right, which alloed me only to see one icon at a time.
Then I found every window I opened (My Documents etc etc) was the same.
So then I did a scan again with ASCF, found the same 9 thousand problems, repaired them then booted up again.
Guess what? Desktop and control panel returned to normal, but couldn't get online again!!
So as things stand I can either have control panel, desktop etc etc working perfectly but no internet, or I can have internet but no control panel etc.
BTW I am still running Windows 2000 Pro, 'coz I love it.
My instinct is to reload Windows 2000 and hopefully iron out the problems that way.
Can I just re-install Windows or would I have to save all my files, photos, outlook etc onto some other media such as a flash drive because I'd loose it all during the Windows 2000 re-installation?
Or am I going about this in the wrong way?
Can somebody out there help me please?????

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you should always back up your file [if they mean anything to you ]regardless if you plan on reload windows or not ,some day out of the blue you harddrive could fail completely ,Yes you will have to reinstall all program and drivers if you format and reinstall win2000 ,ASC was over kill for trying to remove malware ,most of it is a registry cleaner i thing .should have tried malwarebytes ,or superantispyware .

Does ASCF even work on Window 2000? The last time I check it only meant for Window XP and higher. I maybe wrong but it is good to check how compatible it is with Window 2000 to be on the safe side.

Thank you both for taking the trouble to reply.
Yes, ASCF seems to have worked with 2000 but it seems to have deleted some important systems files as well.
I've been pissing around for the last couple of days but can't make things work properly so I'm going to backup onto a flash drive(the problem has knocked out my CD-rom), format then reload.
Hope that'll take care of it!
BTW, I loaded Malwarebytes first, and it found about 20 bits of malware- but small potatoes compared to ASCF which then went on to find 9000 odd problems! Hmmm, makes me wonder.....

ASCF which then went on to find 9000 odd problems!

those were likely just minor registry errors ,and it also removed important file ,so actually it was more the cause of you problem then a fix !wasn't it.

Advanced system care (customised) is better without any problems

Advanced system care ( customised) is safe

I think it is better to scan for virus and malware with an anit virus instead of using ASC. Use ASC only for repair registery, defrag hard disk,vulnerability etc. Also check the Internet Option. Clean the cookies and cache. Reset the Internet Option. Disable the Proxy server if possible. Hope this help.

I think that 2000 Doesnt exist anymore in like buying the disks from the store but they are only the rarest are found in torrents and trust me I dont like pirating software

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