just installed win 8 (clean install) and guess wot its got more bugs than a whores bed.i have lost all sound and cant reinstall xp becouse win 8 does not down grade at all after it takes over your system.and now he has put the price up (to fund his charitable causes) why o why did i do it

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the sound problem is probably about drivers. Try the sound card manufacturer's web site and see if they've got win 8 drivers.

If you upgraded directly from XP to win 8 the bugginess probably comes from your system being too old for win 8 to handle. My experience has been that anytime a new windows comes out backward compatibility only goes back 1 maybe 2 versions, anything more and you're better off with either an intermediate version or keeping your original version.

A large usb stick to backup any data you want and you can wipe your drive and go back to XP.

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did you come looking for help or to just complain about win8 .you gave us no info about you computer at all ,like make and model if its a brand name ,if it a laptop or tower computer ect ect ect . just giving that fact you are upgrading from winxp suggests its old and maybe not compatible with win8 and or your computer maker has no drivers for for win8


may be win 8 can't istall ur sound device automatically. i thing u need
mother board CD. by which u can isntall sound device manually.


after installed win. install sound device from ur mother board CD.

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