I turned on my wife's laptop and Windows 7 wouldn't load. The loading bar came up at the bottom but then the screen went black. When I switched off the computer it rebooted itself to the same place again. Safe mode would work either. I ran the disk check(?) at F2 and that found no problems. Help please!

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download memtest32. You will have to put it on a bootable disk or DVD then boot from that. It performs a very thorough check of the computer's RAM. You will probably have to download it from some other computer and burn the iso file to DVD.

Thanks for that. Sorry I made a mistake. My wife's computer is running Vista not 7. Does the same software apply? Can I download it and burn it on a Mac? Thanks.

I had a look at the link and am somewhat bewildered about what I should be downloading from that site. Can you help further please? And will memtest actually fix RAM faults if there are any?

It doesn't fix anything -- just tests the RAM chips to see if any are bad. If it finds bad ram chips then it's up to you to replace them. See the Download Now green button here.

Can I download it and burn it on a Mac

You can probably download it, but if you burn it on MAC I don't know if it will run on a PC.

Since you state that you can get into setup, check the memory configuration while you are there. If one or more of your sims are bad, setup won't acknowledge that amount of the RAM that's supposed to be installed.

BTW, if you do download the memtest32 software on a Mac and burn it to a disk, you'll have a Mac disc image which a Windows machine will have issues reading.

I checked setup and it finds everthing okay including RAM of 2GB so what next? I have found a System Recovery DVD is for returning the system back to its original state but can I boot from it and maybe run some kind of repair?

You should be able to. Try start-up repair, if that doesn't work then just reinstall Windows on top of the current Windows, using the System Recovery DVD.

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