OK, this is seriously the most annoying thing ever. I click on Internet Explorer, and the little hour glass icon appears for a second and goes away.... and nothing happens. I go to my running processes and sure enough IEXPLORER.exe is running, but the screen is no where to be found. I leave my computer and about 10 minutes later the explorer windows decides to show. This problem is also happening not only with windows explorer, but with My Computer as well. Funny thing about this is that it only started happening AFTER I ran ad-aware and spybot and cleaned my computer. Now, neither program is finding anything besides tracking cookies and I have no idea how to fix this problem. ANY HELP PLEASE!! Thank you!

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YES! I just downloaded this program called spy sweeper and it fixed the problem, I'm actually pretty surprised that neither ad-aware nor spybot identified this problem. Anyways, what a program!!! :cheesy:


I just tried spy sweeper too, and it found a bunch of crap that ad aware and spybot didn't pick up. Good stuff!

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