Greetings everybody,

I have been developing a C++ project in VS2010. When I was writing data into a file, everything was ok.

I modified the program to write data into a new array instead of a file. I had an error of stackoverflow.

I checked the datatypes, array lengths etc. Nothing was wrong.

I re-started the PC and realized the windows threw an exception of "framedyn.dll was not found... re-install..."

I searched the web and applied a few different solutions following different ways. Each time I re-started the PC,
I had the same error.

I would like to ask, if framedyn.dll would result in a strange error in VS2010.

Thanks in advance...

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What's more !? Now, VS2010 works, but, it gives an error of "No Source Availalbe" and program does not work !..

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