Hi all, just a quick ? for you, can you recomend a good data revovery program please. A free one would be nice, My sisters chap re set windows7 back to factory settings without saving the pictures of there Kids (you can imagine the atmosfear at there house) so I would love to see if there is anything left to rescue.

Thanks all

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Thanks Rani , I was aware there are lots out there , thats why I asked you guys who may have used a good one, save me trawling through the thousands. I will give it a try and supply feedback for any other readers.

Recuva is free but you can recover limited data so try another tool like Kernel data recovery software

Those things work only if the MFT has not been corrupted/overwritten. With a recovery... only the slightest chance of success.

Thanks for the input all, I did use Recuva, as you point out it is free but you can only recover 100mb . Now here is the twist , by running the free / trial first I could see how much was there 74GB so did pay for the full verion.
Worked a treat pic's as far back as 2009.

Thanks all for your help.

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