Hi, my window XP is running out of space in my old hard drive (9GB Maxter), I want to migrate the OS to the new drive (WD 80GB). I used the WD tools to copy the drive. It took two hours but everything went fine. Then I reboot to the new drive and discount the old drive, XP start booting but it got hung at the window XP blue screen and just sit there for a long time. Did I missed something?

Does window XP support hard drive migration? What the best route to do it. If I need to reinstall, would my old key work? Can I initialize/register the key twice?

Thanks for your advice..

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you could use Norton Ghost to make an image of your drive to copy to the new drive. OEM manufacturers do it constantly.

You'll be able to re-register. I think XP should have a hard disk migration utility. I'd say that if you took your 80GB drive...installed windows on it...booted up into it...slaved in your 9GB drive...used the migration tool to migrate your settings over...saved anything you needed saved...and re-registered...you'd be set. I did it with Pro not long ago and while I had to reinstall all the programs I had, at least I didn't lose my settings.


Great. I also think if I can use the Window XP PRO backup utility, which backup the old C: Drive and then I reconnect the new C: drive and restore XP to it. Would that work? Thanks.

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