I know this might seem like a newbie question because I know you can make a living off of any programming language as long as it can solve your problem. I started with python, and such and I'm fluent in batch and I can make a program really easily and such in batch but it seems that it's very basic and unadvanced but I was wondering if there was anybody who had some experience and such in the field. I mean when I used to think about it I would use it to make installer/uninstaller programs then compile into an exe but has anybody done something else???

I've seen some basic and cool games and such but i mean they're not that advanced as far as games go but I mean they're preety cool but none of them seem like theyd' be profitable.

Batch, like most shell scripting languages, are usually considered as one tool in a large tool shed. A lot of programmers and system administrators use shell scripts a lot for automating some tasks (e.g., search through a folder for images not in jpg format and convert them all to that format). But, as far as I know, these scripts are not the primary tool for anything, except maybe system administration (i.e., the "IT Guy").

There is definitely nothing as far as games or applications being developed in those languages, that makes no sense. These languages don't have the required higher level of abstractions necessary to construct complex software, and they are too slow to execute. Their intended use is only for writing sequences or loops that invoke other command-line applications that do the actual work.

And, on top of that, Batch is really obsolete. Batch has not really evolved at all since the days of MS-DOS, and even by the standards of those days, Batch was pretty bad compared to other shell script interpreters (bash, ash, zsh, etc..). Today, even in Windows, the shell scripting language that you are supposed to use (to be modern) is PowerShell, which is Microsoft's very belated answer to all those very powerful Unix shells (bash, ash, zsh, etc..).

That's the newb part. I already started learning powershell.