Hello everyone!

I would like to know how interdict or at least ask permission copying files from my server. In fact, I have a shared server in a homegroup, all the computers have access to edit, copy, paste, add.

What I want is the following when copying my server shows me a notification to grant permission to the applicant whatsoever in my computer or an email / message appears in my mobile phone.

is there an app or something I could use to solve my problem.

Thank you very much for your help

kind regards
Manel askri

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As far as I know, if the data is viewable then it is copyable. I don't see that there is much you can do about it other than in certain cases like using segmented flv (f4f extension) for media streaming (and even that is probably copyable by some method unknown to me).



Thank you very much for your reply Reverend Jim

Apparently I needed a android application installable on my PC and on my mobile phone that will manage the server.

I think it is feasible Don't YOU think so ?????

Thank you very much for answering

kind regards

Manel askri

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