Hi I am running windows 7 and I can not clean my flash player's saved data.
Flash Player doesn’t only save data in your browser’s cache but it also saves some information on your hard drive. You should also delete this information on a regular basis to ensure that you are always using the latest version of [game name].
I am trying to remove the saved information from the hard drive
Thank you for your time terry62

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Ok this what I was really looking for and I hope it helps others to .
On the run command type this in there %appdata%\Macromedia
Then click ok.
Then a folder should come up as flash player double click on that
Folder and a sub folder should come up and say #SharedObjects
And another folder macromedia
Double click on folder #SharedObjects and a folder whit a bunch
of numbers and letters. Double click on that folder then a series of
Folders should open. I am deleting dark orbit saved cache and also
The chat cache to. Then I am going to close this then and go to the
Macromedia.com double click on it.. Then double click on
Support. flash player then double click on sys and you can delete
Any folder in there accept the setting .sol I remove again dark orbit
Stuff again and dark orbit chat. This way I always know that I am
Running the most recent flash
I then close this and open my browser. I use fire fox
I then click on Tools and s scroll down to Clear recent history and click on
It Then a window should open up and there you can clean your
Bowser cache.
I really hope this helps those other gamers out there


interesting ,i checked this out and the total folder nd file size in both folders was just over 5kb, no great savings in hdd space ,like jlego i to use ccleaner regularly to ll temp file and cache files ,if you want to clean one and save space go to control panel and go to Java and clean that cache ,it saves alot ,but having said that ccleaner will clear it when you run it

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