I am having a problem printing on a home network. The printer (Epson Stylus Color D68 inkjet) is connected by USB to a desktop and is also installed as a shared printer on a laptop. The network is set up and running properly - the laptop can connect to the internet via the desktop and file sharing between the two PCs operates normally. The printer can be seen on both PCs - on the desktop it is set up to share while on the laptop it shows as a shared printer (with the icon underlined in yellow). When I send a print job from the laptop it appears in the print queue on the desktop with status as “printing and owner as “guest but the job never prints. OS is Windows XP Home SP2.
I have tried the following:-
(1) Reinstalling printer on both machines.
(2) Installing latest Epson driver.
(3) Setting printer to print direct rather than spooling.
(4) Checking that print spooling service is started and set to automatic at startup.
None of the above has made any difference - can anyone help please?

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Thanks. Since posting I've found the answer, The Epson status monitor needs to be enabled to monitor shared printers. The route top find this if anyone has a similar problem is right click printer icon > printing preferences > maintenance > speed & progress > monitoring preferences.

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