Whoa Whoa before i say anything or now is I just Reinstalled Windows 8.1 on my PC connected to wifi everythings fine legitimate software all installed everything fine until my screen started switching between desktop and black screen until my antivirus program finally detected something called Crypto and there were different folders with the names RSA i know its a encryption key combination lock looks like bitdefender stopped before it even started but im worried it might come back.
Is there anyway to prevent this malware from installing on this computer?

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If you just reinstalled and you think there's something on it then reinstall again.

If by "something called Crypto" you mean CryptoLocker then the key that was used to encrypt your files may have been recovered during Operation Tovar. You can check the FireEye and Fox-IT page for instructions on getting the key that was used to encrypt your files.

But if it's all the same to you; wiping, reinstalling and not downloading anything fishy is your safest option.


It was installed 2 days ago and Bitdefender picked it up the next day i deleted it before it even activated


Some current malware installs itself in the flash used by the BIOS, and it will re-install itself as soon as you boot and try to install a new OS. The only solution is to wipe the flash memory (some systems allow you to do that by removing the battery and holding down the power button for up to 30 seconds - some require that you remove the battern and short out a couple of contacts on the motherboard - see your system vendor to find out which you need to do to clear the flash memory completely). The BIOS should be true ROM (Read-Only Memory), so it should be OK, but the flash memory is where the BIOS settings are stored.

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