Please help! For some reason i can't sign in to msn explorer or messenger. When i use IE it works but sometimes goes funny. I can't even use windows update. At the moment i'm using opera which works great, but i do need to get my IE,MSN working so i can get my updates asap.

I'd be so gratefull if someone out there can help me!

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well whats it doing when you try to sign in? thats pretty broad information, heh

well whats it doing when you try to sign in? thats pretty broad information, heh

Sorry my description is a bit weak! when i open msn explorer and click on my user name and enter my password after about 30 seconds i get a message saying there is a problem with my connection, also when i try and sign into my messenger it says the same.

Sounds like you might be infected with viruses or other malicious programs. They can alter Internet Exploder in some pretty nasty ways, and considering that you say Opera is working fine....

Have a read through the threads in our Security forum to find out where to download and how to use the recommended "spyware" detection and removal tools. The utilities we recommend such as Ad Aware, SpyBot Search and Destroy, HijackThis, CWShredder, etc. are trusted, effective, and free.

If these programs do detect spyware on you system and you have further questions/problems in that area, please start another thread in the Security forum, as that is where we concentrate on such issues.

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