Hello all, I'm new to this site and could use some help. I have a Compaq 5000 series pc running windows Me (I know, I know, but there is nothing I can do about that right now). I keep getting this error message:

Error : OD : 0028 : 0000003

I've gotten a few others but this is the most common. I will get this message 4 or 5 times and then my PC will completely shut down and reboot. It seems to happen most often when I use IE but not necessarily always.

I upgraded my video card and memory around the same timeframe that this started. I also had a stubborn virus around the same time as well. The virus is gone but the errors remain. I also have trouble running defrag and scandisk using windows (even in safemode) but they run fine in dos with a startup disk.

Any help would be apprecitated

This is tough to call, it could be any number of things, I can possibly give you a few places to start.

1. Have you tried downloading a newer version of the video card driver?
2. If using a new driver doesn't help, you could try removing the ram you added, taking it back to where it was, if the error dissappears then you may have bad ram.
3. A reinstall of ME might be in order. It is possible that the virus damaged some critical files.
4. A less drastic fix might be to let us know the exact virus you had and perhaps someone would know if that virus damages any files and a fix for the damage it causes.

1. Downloaded the latest drivers
2. removed the new RAM, still get the errors
3. Can't reinstall ME because I don't have the software to reinstall my network (we use a contracted IT source that doesn't always have the same priorities as I do. lol).
4. I believe the virus was the winur.exe virus that comes along with many P2P files (lesson learned).

I believe that the IT guys are working on upgraded the Op system, but who knows how long that'l take em.

Problem solved:cheesy: !!!! My company bought me a brand new PC with XP Pro. I still don't know why all of those errors kept happening but I quess that is history now. The person who got my hand-me-down computer also got win98 to replace winMe. So everybody is happy:lol:

Thanks for all the help.