ok... in order for my DSL to fulyl work I need Internet Explorer to work... I never have had Internet Explorer working... AOL has always been my source on an internet... Whenever I open Internet Explorer it always has an error... I would like ot know how I could get Internet Explorer and AOL as my internet sources..

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you shouldnt need IE for your dsl to work fully

Not quite true, unfortunately. For example, in order to "officially" sign up for SBC/Yahoo!, Internet Explorer is required--in theory, Linux users are out of luck. There are work-arounds, though--and once set up, any browser will work.

As far as the AOL browser working and IE not, it would have to be some sort of configuration error, since the AOL browser is just a front end for IE. Most configuration options are handled in the Tools menu; it's likely something like a proxy or security setting error. Are you still using dial-up for AOL? Try using IE to browse on AOL--IE normally works fine for the internet under AOL, and if it works (or not), that's one more clue.

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