a guy at a local computer shop was telling me about a card he had ordered, rather expensive too. anyway it descriptions is bit likie nothing i have every heard about, but it dont mean no one has ever created one.
he described a custom card that has the ATI radeon9500 chipset, 512 DDR memmory and a onboard athlone 1800+. he said it carries it own CPU so that the card never has to use the main CPU, and that the main CPU can even pass information to the card. I have never heard of a video card that has its own CPU. if such a product exsist does anyone have a link?

graphics cards have a GPU, graphical processing unit, so they can use hardware rendering without relying heavily on CPU time

yea, thats what i told him. however this guy does intensive 3d graphics on the side. so prehaps such a powerful type of card is needed by him
so if one exsist who makes it? what chipsets? and other tech specs?

and a onboard athlone 1800+

ask him what heatsink/fan combo it uses hehehehehehehe

He Sounds like the guys who work at the local computer store here !!! he probably order a motherboard with unboard video!!LOL