When I try to recompile an OCX while in VB6 (run in Admin mode), I get "Permission Denied". I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit. I've already tried to set VB6.EXE to run in compatibility mode for XP SP3.

I'm trying to create a new version of the OCX. I set "Binary Compatibility" on the "Component" tab for the project properties for this OCX.

Any ideas???

More information than a simple "Permission Denied" would be helpful. I don't know if this will help... http://ocxocx.com/ocx/

Unfortunately, I don't know much about this (OLE Controls) as I try to keep as far from MS application development as possible these days - it just irritates the heck out of me!

i think that peice of software is already running, so press Ctrl+Alt+delet and stop that process. now try to do it again.

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