Hello Daniweb,

My name is Peter. I need ur professional help in solving this problem since 3 weeks now. I have been asking same question from one forum to another. Now i am here and i will like to believe that this might be my last bus stop on how to resolve this issue once and for all.

It is my Dell Inspiron 1300 Sound & Audio Problems, before now i use to play and listen musics and films on this laptop but the moment i formated it and reinstalled XP on it i notice that there is no sound or audio coming out. i have tried going to Dell site to download its driver and install still doesnt work.

Please i can play musics or films without hearing any sounds.

Please i need ur help to help me. Thank you.


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downloading driver is one thing ,did you install then and did they show up in device manager as working .
to check device manager ,right click on mycomputer ,go properties ,on the let click on device manager , check down the list for sound ,hit + and what do you see .
also you could try getting the chipset drivers and othere suggested drivers in the dell list for your laptop on the driver download site

i have done all that still dont work. it was working initially cos that is wat i use to listen to my CCNA video click until i reformatted it to the same OS that is XP and now i cant get it working. I have gone to dell site and download and install the chipset still not working.

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