Hello! All mail Outlook stored on a network server. The server crashed. Accordingly disappeared and the Contacts folder. However, when sending a new message when you type the first letter of the address in the email Outlook offers a list of addresses with this letter. Obviously somewhere this list exists on the local computer. Whether it is possible find it and restore address book with its help? If so, how?

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I'm going with no. Outlook with Exchange server didn't store the contacts locally so you'll need to restore the server first. Also, who runs servers with no backup? Try not to grill your IT too badly. Let them get it back first and then go over the disaster plans.

Now about the list you think is on the PC. That sounds like the autocomplete is filling it in. Not from some contact list or database.

https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Copy-the-AutoComplete-list-to-another-computer-83558574-20DC-4C94-A531-25A42EC8E8F0 and other articles show where the autocomplete file is at.

Once you have that, then you search for or write an extractor.


You need to find on your local computer (most likely somewhere in Documents and Settings) the local copy of the network folder (with the extension. ost unlike personal folder (. pst extension). This file convert to pst format. The output will receive the pst, which will make the import in .csj personal folder. So maybe will be able to restore the contacts.
Look at this resource and read recommendations. Maybe you'll find a solution.

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