ok i got band from a web site and they have my ip is there anywayi can change it . my friend told me to goto internet options the goto connections the click lan settings they he gave me a address and a port number so i did that and i wasnt band anymore so today i turned on my comp adn went to the website and i was band with that ip is there anyway i can stop them from gettin my ip or is there a website were i can keep on using differnt ipsor can u guys tell me how i can change my ip

well if your banned you should not evade :P but to change your ip it depends on your ISP. Or, you can try using a proxy. http://www.openproxies.com go to tools - options - connections - lan and use proxy server.

good luck :)


Getting your IP address is not something that you can hide. If people couldn't find your IP address, there'd be absolutely no way you could do ANYTHING on the Internet. In fact, IP stands for Internet Protocol.

If you're banned from a site, you must have done something to deserve being banned. I concur with Monte's sentiments on not trying to evade the ban. (Allow me to add, don't do anything to get banned here, either! ;) ) If you really have some kind of reason to change your IP address, contact your ISP. They have methods for assigning your system a different IP addresses. Additionally, look into learning how to release and renew an IP address from a DHCP server. Often times simply releasing/renewing your IP gives you a new one.

You can also use these public proxy servers where it will "give you" an IP address:

Keep in mind though, that because they are public, the web site that banned you might have a list of these IP addresses already and not allow you in. However, don't feel too secure even if you use a proxy. You can still be detected by someone who knows what they're doing.