Anyone knows how I can get and install MediaCenter on a Windows XP SP3 machine? I've seen some versions of the OS itself, like Windows XP Media Center Edition etc, but since I already have a licensed version of Windows, is it possible just to get the Media Center part and install it? I've tried tools like XBMC, but it seemed to be using much processing on the machine, slowing it down at times...

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I know, but if you take a look at the table, it says 'How to get it', for 'Windows XP', and there it says that it is no longer available. So I guess they won't provide a download link to a separate install neither. Maybe an old .exe that crashes once in a while, but definitely not an official release :)

I did go through the MS website before posting, and I do use the MediaCenter on my Windows 7 Ultimate at home, but if possible, to get a version for XP Pro would be very nice as well, and so far, apart from the Windows XP Media Center Edition download links from some forums (which I believe are not licensed at all), I did not see any other way to get that :(

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