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Alright well this started happening very recently.
I can log on my computer, type in my password to my account etc. And when I get to my desktop, about 15 seconds later my mouse just freezes. And nothing else moves. So I have to manually turn the computer off, and then back on. But the same thing happens.

At first when I logged on I attempted to do a system resotre. But it froze before I could.

So I went into safe mode wth command promp and did a system restore. Unfortunetly the system restore ws a failure. So the same thing keeps happening.

I recently downloaded a free trial keylogger to see how it worked. I downloaded that about 8 hours ago, and it just started freezing up an hour or so ago.

Please help :)


have you tried scanning your system for any malware programs? or try to go safe mode then go to run->type msconfig at msconfig choose "Diagnostic Startup" check if it will help...

but first try to scan your system..try to download "Malware Bytes"


There were many reasons for the computer to freeze. Please check ventilation of your cpu, if its too hot, then it will hang <check the scale-limit in the cmos>.

Secondly, in msconfig section, try to disable all the check applications. The "Autoruns" that you can download from this website <> is very effective tool in disabling unecessary startup programs.

And last one, if it still hangs, test your hardware. The memory and or the videocard.

agreed - checked his post history, mainly 'i cannot help you' and 'i don't know the answer' all with a sig full of DVDs for sale. have deleted posts and sent a warning PM to user