Computer with office 7. It is hardwired to the internet, has worked fine for a couple of years. Rebooted and now cannot connect to internet via IE or Chrome, though I can send and receive emails through Outlook.

I had been hooked up to watch sports via FirstRowSports which may have loaded something. Also I ran AdvanceSystem7 to check for problems, then IE and Chrome stopped working after reboot. Tried working through diagnostics without success. Anything seem obvious about this?

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OK time for some basic trouble shooting. Open a command prompt (start, accessories, command prompt).

At the prompt type:

If you get a response back then you are connected to the internet ok. If not then you probably have a firewall or router issue. Try re-booting your internet modem/router.

If you got to ok then see if you can resolve domain names:
ping google.com
if you get a response back then you are able to resolve names and you need to look into your browser having a strange route set as your home page. SO what is the error you get from either IE or chrome?

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