I have a old PC running XP using Outlook Express as there email program. With there new Windows 7 PC they downloaded Windows Live Mail. How do I import/export old email and contacts/address book from the old PC's Outlook Express to the New PC's Windows Live Mail?

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I would try going to Web mail, almost all ISP providers offer the ability to go to their home page and access your mail from there.
I would do something very quickly before you crash your computer and loose everything. There are storage limits to how many emails you can keep , this includes the deleted folder and the sent folder.


The Manual Process is Actually Long, so I have divided it into Two Parts.

Part 1. Import outlook express files to windows live mail
Part 2. Import to MS Outlook from windows live mail

Steps to import Outlook Express(DBX files) to Windows Live Mail: –

Before starting the process, enable the option Show Hidden Files and Folders. The process is required because sometime user unable to see the extension of DBX file. To make it Visible just follows these four steps.

Step 1. Open My Computer and from the Menu bar, select the Tool option
Step 2. From the drop down list click on the Folder Option
Step 3. Now from the dialogue box,Make a check on Show all folders by clicking on the Check Box
Step 4. Now click on the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders and drive
Step 5. Now locate your DBX file from the location where files are stored and paste them in windows 8, 7 or vista.

Open Window Live Mail software and follow the following steps: –

Click on file >> Import >> Messages >> Microsoft Outlook Express 6 >> Next >> Import mail from an OE6 Directory >> Browse >>Select folder >> Next >> Add folders to import all the folder or Select the message from the folder you want >> Finish

This is the first step to export Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook. With this step you can import your DBX file to Window Live Mail.

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