Hello world of DaniWeb, I'm experiencing an annoying "error". Here's the case: a while go, I had my PC running both Vista and XP until Windows 7 came out. So, I decided it's time to upgrade. The problem was that my graphics card (GeForce 9600 GT) suddenly stopped working properly so Windows 7 had been crashing all the time. Then, I bought a new graphics card (GeForce GTX 260) which was apparently very bigger than the old one. That resulted in it not fitting inside my budget computer case. The only way I got it in was by removing a hard drive (the one that contained Windows XP :P). You know what that means. It means that the "Select your operating system" screen after I boot up my computer still freaking appears! I get two options. The first one is "Earlier version of Windows" which obviously is Windows XP and the other one is Windows 7. Now, when I choose Windows XP it doesn't load anything and it restarts the computer as expected. That's my problem. How do I fix this (all I want to do is just make Windows 7 automatically load and make this screen disappear forever)?

P.S: Please note that the "Windows 7" option works just fine.

will be doing the same. I haven't yet but studied procedures from Microsoft and others. The best so far is following the steps from EasyBCD.
1. Will just format drive(raid) system XP in located.
2. Set BIOS to Boot to drive(raid) windows 7 is located.
3. Follow steps to recover Bootloader (which was on the XP drive that was formated)

Get EasyBCD and then go to add/remove entries and highlight the XP entry and delete it :).

No worries :). Suppose you cannot put the HD in another slot?

It's okay, it worked! Man, this error had really got into my nerves!

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