I have been creating animated gifs with flash till now, but since here is HTML5, I don't need flash anymore. But any other program I try (yes, I tried google) want to make me to draw every damn frame one by one, and can't do a simple movement or rotation thing automatically. So I'm looking for a good alternative, only for simple GIF animations, preferably free/opensource. If anybody have found a good one already, you could spare me (and others reading this) a lot of time!

Hi MoZo1, long time no see. Are you looking for a free software to create GIF animation with it? If that is the case, try this .

Not sure whether it is free but most GIF software requires you to pay so if there are no free maybe you would like a cheaper GIF software?

What I need exactly is objects and motion tween. Unfortunately when I put these into google, flash floods.

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