I have two laptops that I'm having this problem with. Currently, though it's the old Vista laptop - a Compac Presario - which keeps fading to black no matter what I'm doing on it. I can view the screen on an alternate display without problems. I have placed a fan tray underneath the laptop to prevent overheating. I have changed the power settings so that the hard drive never turns off and that the screen never turns off either. I never had this problem with either laptop in the past. The Compac was recently formatted and worked for 1 week without problems, but now the screen is fading to black monents after it boots up - and stays black until I turn it off and then on again. Could it be a problem with the updated drivers that the laptop recently updated itself with as part of the Windows updates? I notice computers nearly always work better without the updates. Unfortunately, this is Friday evening so I can't contact HP for another three days.

Any ideas, please

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Since an external display works fine, it is not likely a driver or system problem, other than the fact that the display is probably failing. The controller also handles external displays, so it isn't the video controller.


Btw, I rolled back the drivers but this didn't help.

This problem with the screen fade came on gradually. At first it only happened randomnly and then it grew to the screen never coming on at all even during boot up.

But the amazing twist in the tale is this: this morning I booted her up, and of course black screen right from the start. I wondered if removing the vga cable connection to the external monitor would help, so I did, then powered up the laptop and it loaded Windows. But screen still black. I replaced the vga cable so I could at least see screen contents on the external monitor, and a moment later, the screen appeared on the Compac laptop!

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Thanks Rubberman.

yes, it might just be the display failing, especially as the screen has gone to black again. Seems hardware related at any rate.

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