Hi, every. Im new around here. I just read about this article today http://www.btignitesolutions.com/how-to-remove-fake-java-download-infected-on-your-pc-from-javsoftware-com/ and it got me thinking that why would some fellows still choose to download some updates or plugins or video player from some websites of strange names? isn't that too obvious a lie?

Never underestimate human stupidity. A while back a security company showed how vulnerable a government building's compter system was. This was after the IT department claimed that they were bullet-proof. What high-tech technique did they use? They left USB memory sticks on the ground in the parking lot. Curious employees, on finding the sticks, couldn't resist plugging them in once they got to their desks.

I tell my father-in-law the danger of downloading and installing software. And every three months or so I have to wipe his system and restore a good image because he has pooched his laptop with a thousand or so pieces of adware, spyware, malware, etc. from downloaded software.

Recently he got a pop-up from his anti-virus software warning him that the website he was trying to go to was a known source of (paraphrased here) bad shit and stuff. I asked him what he did in response and he said "I clicked GO THERE ANYWAY".

Now go back and reread my first sentence.

Maybe most people always ignore that thing but just want to update their Java quickly, who knows?

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