For about the past month my Vista 32 bit student addition has been trying to format ever device I plug in weather it be a USB drive or an SD chip from a Camera or even my ipod. I know that this is not correct because I have tried all the devices on my other desktop with windows and they work fine, this issue is really becoming hard to avoid and I haven't found any help on any forums, help would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying abroad and I don't not have my disks so reformatting is not an option, but I have pictures I need to get off and papers to write that I need to get onto a usb drive in order to print. thanks for your time

hi ,try going to device manager and open[hit the +] the usb device section bottom of the list ,uninstall all listed and reboot vista to have vista reinstall device drivers and try you device again

I gave that ago but it had no effect, thanks for the suggestion though

Press down external portion of your usb key. Hold it down until you will get a message saying that system is trying to access the data, this could take several minutes. Test and tell me results.

I actually just figured out the problem, it was a bad windows update for vista, who'd a thought? I went in and got rid of the update and all my sd and usb ports are working well now. Thanks to all who replied to my thread though it is much appreciated.