A user open her mails in Outlook and it will lag then take a few minutes to open up.

This happen intermittenly and I told her is due to the many applications she's running at the same time and she also need to reduce her Inbox size (left 200MB free space) by doing some archiving.

She said archiving doesn't help and she never got this problem before in the past even though she only have little free space.

What else can I do to help this user?

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It also could be the Exchange server getting overloaded from time to time, network congestion, or if the email is hosted on the internet your ISP / internet pipe is overloaded. Any of these things are possible given the intermittent nature of the problem. Several minutes is excessive though - although if it is a TCP issue, the length of the delay could be attributable to her computer's TCP/IP timeout settings. I've had such issues in the past where things basically came to a stop until the TCP driver timeout hit and the NIC or driver reset itself and retried sending/receiving the message. Some of these things are configurable (shorter TCP timeouts for example), but usually not easily. I used to do this in Unix systems, but not sure about Windows.


The Outlook OST file could be re-created. In the local application fodlers, just search for the .ost file. Close outlook, delete the .ost, then re-open outlook. The OST file will be recreated when you open outlook. This might take a few minutes. When done, close and reopen outlook and check the speed.

Is this the only outlook user on the network that complains of slowdown?
Is outlook server remote or local?

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