MS Outlook 2007. The user account domain was accidentally deleted, then created again. I received new SID. on a local computer the new local profile was created. on exchange the new box with the same name (to it access is) was created. in exchange there are 2 boxes now.
How to get access to the old box? access is only to a new (empty) box, all necessary mail in the old. the rights at this user the full. Outlook writes that file .ost is not available because it created to a different account.

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You must deleted this mailbox in this new user. in the vault on an old box appears red cross. make it reconnect. select for what user and all. (here there are only remote users or remote users mailboxes). in the client, delete the exchange account. and then create again a box and all is fine connects. Made autonomous folders.
See if the following article would help:

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