Since Windows 10 updated a couple of days ago I now get a message saying the above will not work and suggests I download the latest driver for my Lenovo AIO but I can't find out where from or how. Any help would be appreciated

As a follow up - If i uninstall the present dolby driver (just to get rid of the error notification) will my sound stop working?

Hi Douglas_5, Your follow up gives me the feeling you are afraid to try things. Part of my work on PCs was owning a repair shop years ago. Once in a while we'd get a client that was fearful. You would not tell them the steps you tried and failed. You would try, fail and figure it out then let them have the PC back.

DOLBY is a tought nut since you may have to hit Dolby themselves for the audio processor. In this case you should check the maker's web site for drivers. And yes it's correct for sound to stop working after we install. Nothing wrong about that. We then find and install the new driver.

As I don't own your model I can't be exact. Did you check the Lenovo site? I took a quick look and there were many AIO models. You will likely know your exact model. If not, make an online SPECCY report for others to reference. How?

I suspect your sound will be fine. Dolby is primarily a noise reduction and sound enhancement technology, although that may have changed over the years.

Your follow up gives me the feeling you are afraid to try things.

Not necessarily a bad thing if one is not confident in one's ability to make controlled experiments that one can fix if those experiments don't work. When my brother's internet went down, he was not comfortable experimenting with the firewall and other settings since he knew that he did not know what was a big deal and what wasn't a big deal. We've all installed that new, improved driver or update or whatever which broke things and then we had to reverse the process, with mixed results.

What laypeople (and non-laypeople) want is a friendly operating system option for "save this machine's state so you can guarantee that I can revert to it with a click of a button if my experiment goes wrong". I imagine the comfort level with experimentation would go way up with that option. "Saving a machine's state" and deciding what needs to be saved is no small undertaking, but I'm quite unimpressed with the options that are in the Windows Control Panel. I just did a quick look and the options to fine-tune (or even rough-tune) your "backup" seem non-existent. I "sort of" know what needs to be backed up when I install new drivers, but that's just through experience and being in the business.

Part of my work on PCs was owning a repair shop years ago. Once in a while we'd get a client that was fearful. You would not tell them the steps you tried and failed. You would try, fail and figure it out then let them have the PC back.

You were in that business and had the expertise and experience to make educated guesses on what to try and how to recover from any failures. That's why they came to you, just like a mechanic has the tools and training to know what that weird ping might be from and track it down and know that it's not the end of the world if the experiment fails. The layman just starts taking parts off and can't put them back on. I had a similar experience with a caterer. She had landed a huge wedding, part of which required her to sort of DJ the wedding song. In rehearsal, there was some really trivial problem on her computer and the song wasn't playing just perfectly the way they wanted to. Someone thought they had a fix, probably would have worked, but she was petrified, absolutely petrified that this little fix could crash her computer and ruin the wedding and her career. End result, fix not attempted and sound played was less than perfect, but the risk in her mind wasn't worth it. She just didn't have the confidence in her computer ability to experiment. Afterwards she tried it. Worked perfectly, but too late.

I know my model but still cannot find the relevant driver nor how to download one when/if I find it.

I suspect that uninstall will not cause a problem as windows says it's not started.

@Douglas_5. You claim you know your model yet I'm not finding it. I have to admit I read this post 3 times so I guess you forgot it. Without that, folk can't look for you. This is where a Speccy web report helps out.

@Assertnull. You're right. And now that I've sold the shops and moved on I find a lot of folk want me to tell them the steps to fix their PC but they are fearful. Maybe the days of the Windows PC are indeed numbered. I see more and more folk dump the PC for smart phones, tablets, and to a less extent Apple, Linux and Chromebooks.

I have run speccy.
What am I looking for?

The label on the back says Machine Type 6595.
Product family C440
Does that help?

I downloaded and ran speccy and have kept a copy of the report.
What should I look for in it?

It is rather long to cut and paste here.

It's pretty short here. gives an example.

Ready? It's one line long in my reply post


I know a lot of folk don't want to reveal what their PC is and on forums some want support of the type you pay for. Here I hope you can make finding out what the PC is and getting to the driver page a little easier.

OK, I think this is your AIO.

The last driver for this appears to be

But back to Dolby. Dolby does have their own world at dolby com which is from what I can tell isn't supplied with this AIO. You should be fine to uninstall and if the audio goes out, you reinstall the stock driver.

Many thanks. I'll give it a go tomorrow

I have now managed to speak to Lenovo and they say they haven't yet got a driver for my category of machine that is fully compatible with windows 10.
However, as far as I can tell the dolby aspect is in fact working in that the sound moves from side to side.

Wehen I stared getting warning notifications on start up I wasn't sure what the problem was. The notificationadvised me to update the driver (which I couldn't find).
Obn speaking to Lenovo this morning they said thare wasn't a fully compatible driver ready yet but suggested I ran a test which I hadn't known about. The sound seemed to be working in in 'surround' in that the sound went from one side to another. They said in that case the problem must be fairly minor.
I'll just have to live with the notifications (no big deal) or find out how to switch them off.
But thanks for your help. The driveryou pointed to is still not compatible. Lenovo are up to their eyes in Windows Anniversary changes it seems.

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