I am studying Computer Engineering (2nd year). I would like to buy a laptop but dont really know anything about the laptop market.
I was wondering if there is any specific laptop that would be recommended for programmers?
i will use it mainly for my programming work and a few movies + games (not a hard core gamer).
Any avice would be appreciated. Thank You.

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Dell makes some nice laptops for this use. I prefer them to HP because in my experience they have been better at support. Given that my last Dell laptop was purchased in 2006 (9 years ago), my experience is not current... :-) One thing they do provide is an extended warranty from the standard 1 year to 3 years for a nominal $99 or thereabouts. Worth every penny!


I just got Lenovo ultrabook (U430). I got a refurnbished one from best buy, for the price of this computer the spec you get is very high. Since you don't know your needs I would focus on something that is cost-efficient, and not gonna rip your pocket as the technology gets old so fast..


Until last month I would have whole-heartedly recommended Dell. However, I have spent the last month in Dell Hell and can no longer give them my support. They useed to have excellent (really top-notch) after sales support. Now it's just an exercise in one useless conversation after another with people who don't know how to do anything except read from a script. The one technical problem I was having with a new laptop resulted in, after the tech staff got their mitts in, a worsening of the problem. Please see Warning. Dell Laptops May Cause Insanity.

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