this is just something I was just recently inspired to create...

I've had tonz of issues with things that work perfrctly on WinXP,
but yet are either buggy or don't work at all on Win7.

one of those issues is the driver for my GameMon Universal USB converter which has x64 support.
the device isn't detected on Win7 where it works on XP even w/o the driver
(though no XBox controller or rumble on other controllers).
while trying to install the driver on Win7, the program just up and crashes.

aside from that, there were many other programs I've had which now I don't even have anymore...
I wish I could recall their names...
the installers for them are currently on RAW HDDs that I can't recover at this current moment,
or are on a bunch of CDs that were given to the Salvation Army by some un-trustworthy people while I was homeless.

7Zip is another program that has issues with registering file extensions...
(it's a program I use all the time)

anyways... I'm interested to hear what other issues people have had where XP is just so much better to use. :)
(truthfully it's to prove a point to some 3rd-party devs as well as a few stuck-up people)

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The only program I miss from XP is the original version of Diablo RPG. There are several MS-DOS games I liked. Otherwise, I don't miss a thing from XP.

The only problems I have had are with drivers for an old Lexmark printer and a Plextor USB TV tuner. I do not agree that XP is "so much better to use". I don't expect vendors to release drivers for all of the hardware for all future versions of Windows.

commented: good point, and I agree +0

I do not agree that XP is "so much better to use"

the only reason I said that is coming more from my programming side...

but with the fact that 7 is just designed for noobs, it does make everything more convenient... to a point...

but with the fact that 7 is just designed for noobs

Yeah. My father-n-law finds that it is much easier to screw up his computer under Windows 7 then it was under XP :-( Fortunately, with disk imaging, it doesn't take any longer to get him back up again.

Acronis True Image
it's quite a wonder. :)

I use it for when my compy starts acting up and doing stupid things. :P
unfortuately my backups are on a RAW HDD that can't be normally recovered...
ChkDsk forcefully screwed everything up, by restoring the structure with no data indecies.
(every file is 0KB)

as-in the data itself is in perfect condition, but getting the data requires the use of a hex editor, and some advanced formatting knowledge. ;_;

I got a Lexmark all in one printer that doesn't work in Window 7. So I am using Linux wth Virtual box for Window XP just for the printer. No problem there.

Lexmark all in one printer that doesn't work in Window 7.

Is it an old printer you had laying about the house, or a new one? Did you try to download new drivers from Lexmark web site?

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