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My internet browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, IE) started approximately 2 weeks ago to become 'unresponsive' from time to time. This has become very frequent now and I only get access to the browser for approximately 1 minute before it becomes unresponsive again. Restarting the Laptop allows me to re-access the browsers.

I am using 3G wifi, and I have double checked the internet using other devices (tablet, smartphone) , so it is not an internet issue.

While the browsers may be unresponsive, other programmes (MS Office etc) work perfectly fine.

I have checked Task Manager and CPU/ Memory/ Disk all look fine (typically around 5%/50%/10% when the browser is unresponsive).
I use McAfee as an anti-virus. All my software is up-to-date.

I have had the laptop rest back to a point ( approximately 3 weeks ago) and that seems to have helped for a few hours but now I am back to square one.

Any suggestion on where I should look to resolve the problem?

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Have you tried restarting your router? You might also try running perfmon to get more granularity on your stats. You can run it from the task manager (Win 10) or from the command line by

perfmon /res

Select the network tab and go from there.

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Do you have any plugins that are common to all the clients? If my network seemed OK, and the Internet connection seemed OK, that's where I would be looking next - for an extension/plugin that is behaving badly.


Are you using McAfee. This has been found to be causing this problem recently. It seems there is a temporary fix.

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